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Personal Development Training Courses

Investment in personal development contributes not only to individual productivity, but also to the performance of the overall team and organisation.

Our range of in-house Personal Development training courses is designed to help your staff:

  • Manage their personal workload and time more efficiently
  • Work more effectively within teams
  • Improve their interpersonal skills (both written and spoken)

All of our courses are delivered onsite at your company premises; are highly interactive; and include a comprehensive workbook.

Course Name
Description (click a personal development course name for more info)
2 days
This course provides participants with a range of tools and techniques to improve confidence and build self-esteem. It also enables them to raise their self-awareness and self-management taking into account the culture and environment in which they operate.
1 day
This high-impact course provides participants with enhanced core skills in writing letters and memos, emails and texts, business reports and briefings, as well as technical reports.
1 day
This course helps participants (typically with a minimum of 3-5 years work experience) to understand their personal strengths, development areas and personal preferences for different types of work. This information is used to create a high-level vision of 'where the participant might be in 5 years time.' It also provides a number of different techniques for considering career direction, personal differentiators and tactics to enhance career choices and effectiveness.
0.5 days
This introduction course helps participants identify how various characteristics of the speaking voice impact on interpersonal communication. It demonstrates appropriate methods to improve one's speaking voice and explains the benefits of being an effective listener.
2 days
This course equips participants with a variety of tools and techniques to improve creative and entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, such as applying creative thinking techniques and coaching others to be open-minded.
0.5 days
By the end of this introduction course, participants will be able to: identify steps to take before making a job application; understand what to and what not to include in a CV; understand how and why employers use application forms; and identify the best way to structure a cover letter. In addition, they will: gain insight into commonly used interview techniques and why they are used; be able to prepare effectively for an interview; and understand appropriate interview behaviours.
2 days
This course provides participants with an insight into skills and techniques for effective facilitation. It also provides an understanding of the way that people interact in groups and provides the skills to focus processes, guide discussions and clarify outcomes.
1 day
This course provides participants with the ability to provide and receive constructive feedback, manage the subsequent emotions and create a personal action plan as a result. It also enables participants to develop a structured approach to giving and receiving feedback, whilst engaging the emotions of others.
2 days
This in-depth course provides participants with the tools, techniques and strategies to achieve results through persuasion and influence, recognising the tactics used by others. It also provides an understanding of the filters people use to see the world and the language skills that can be used to make a difference in influencing others, including: learning how to sell ideas, create rapport, inspire commitment, get results and enhance confidence.
2 days
This comprehensive course provides participants with the skills and techniques to achieve positive (win-win) outcomes in negotiation situations. By the end of this course, participants will be able to: understand different negotiation styles and behaviours; describe their personal style, approach and impact on others; and develop, apply and explain basic strategies to research, prepare and manage negotiations.
2 days
This comprehensive course equips participants with interpersonal and self-management skills to improve working relationships and work performance. It further enables them to better manage morale, conflict, motivation, and other work-related performance issues.
1 day
This course provides participants with a valuable set of introductory tools and techniques to deliver credible and memorable business presentations. It enables them to develop a logical approach to preparing presentations and to use visual aids and techniques to improve effectiveness and impact. Learners are filmed presenting and receive feedback as well as a DVD of their presentation.
1 day
This course enables participants to deal with work pressure and use it as a positive force to enhance performance. By the end of the course, participants will be able to recognise the signs of stress in themselves and others and cope with and manage stress using a wide range of techniques.
1 day
This popular and high-impact course provides participants with the skills and tools required to manage and work effectively within a team and for the team itself to work effectively. There is focus on raising individual contribution within a team through establishing strong accountability, clear objectives and a common vocabulary for team performance.
2 days
This course provides participants (typically whole teams) with a specific outcome driven approach to working optimally together. The course places emphasis on clarifying the objectives of the team; the individual roles and responsibilities of that team; how the team is organised to achieve objectives; and processes that will enhance the probability of achieving team goals and objectives.
1 day
This popular and high-impact course helps participants to identify where time is lost during the working day and how to find ways of increasing the effectiveness of time spent at the workplace.
1 day
This course provides participants with an awareness that people's values, beliefs and judgments may differ from their own. It also provides recognition of the impact of culture on communications, team work and management.

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