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Can your managers deliver your business plan without going off track? Do they have the confidence and skills to lead, manage and motivate those around them?

Alternatively, do you have staff who are ready to progress into management roles, but who first need to develop their core knowledge and skills?

All of our courses are delivered onsite at your company premises; are highly interactive; and include a comprehensive workbook.

With courses covering core management and leadership skills, our in-house Management training courses will enable your staff to:

  • Manage and influence others effectively
  • Deliver business plans on time and on budget
  • Proactively manage organisational change
  • Directly contribute to improved company performance
Course Name
Description (click on a management course name for more information)
2 days
This in-depth course equips participants with the principles, techniques and characteristics required for successful coaching. It also enables them to identify and understand an individual's needs for setting goals and personal development.
1 day
This course enables participants to identify and deal with the behaviours that cause or escalate conflict. By the end of the course, the learner will be able to explain the primary reasons why conflict occurs in the workplace; identify different strategies for dealing with various types of conflict; and mediate effectively in a conflict situation.
1 day
This course enables Managers to plan for and conduct an interview for a job vacancy. It covers the interview life cycle, including planning the interview, conducting the interview and assessing the candidates.
2 days
This practical and comprehensive course uses case studies, group discussions and role plays to enable managers to challenge their current way of managing and leading in the workplace. It is highly interactive and will equip participants with the knowledge and tools to deliver improved results upon their return to work.
0.5 days
By the end of this session, participants will have gained a greater understanding of the fundamentals of leadership, including what it is to be a leader (versus a manager); different leadership styles; and how to enhance their own leadership skills going forward.
2 days
The course equips participants with a comprehensive toolkit of basic management skills. By the end of the course, participants will: have an increased knowledge of their strengths and capabilities within managerial activities; understand practical techniques for motivating, delegating, prioritising, coaching and managing performance; and understand how to get results through instilling high motivation and commitment in others.
1.5 days
This course is an interactive and experiential workshop that focuses on building personal and team capacity to deal with change on a personal level. Participants will learn strategies for managing both self and others through the change process and these techniques will equip them to successfully manage others through the emotional aspects of organisational change.
1 day
This course equips Managers with a practical toolkit to build and sustain high performing remote teams that deliver results across geographic boundaries. It effectively addresses the demands of managing performance, communications and interaction.
0.5 days
This course offers Managers a framework for successfully leading virtual teams. It addresses some of the primary concerns managers, team leaders, and team members have about virtual teams such as: building teamwork to create synergy and to banish feelings of isolation, selecting and feeling comfortable with virtual technologies, and overcoming virtual communication challenges.
1 day
This course enables participants to recognise and resolve business problems, raising the employee's capability to make decisions autonomously or collaboratively. It also provides an understanding of the different techniques for addressing problem solving challenges and helping to identify and resolve multi-functional process problems.
1 day
The course enables participants to understand, design and use business processes effectively within the workplace. By the end of the course, participants will be able to: explain the organisational need for clear business processes; use various methodologies and techniques for developing and improving business processes; and model an organisation, including the business environment and core business processes.
3 days
This course provides participants with an in depth review of key project management tools and processes. By the end of this session, they will be able to: use tools to identify contributing factors to project failure; undertake financial appraisal, including costs and benefits; identify and plan communication with stakeholders; identify strategic risks and develop a Risk Management Plan; identify roles within a project structure and establish effective project governance; carry out critical path analysis; monitor project reports in order to plan and forecast project outcomes; manage "scope creep" through the use of a Change Control process; and explain key actions in concluding a project.
2 days
This introduction course equips participants with the knowledge and basic skills to actively and effectively participate in and lead projects. By the end of the course, the learner will be able to describe: the purpose, structure and dynamics of project teams; basic project management tools and techniques; fundamental behaviours, roles and practices for participating in and leading project teams; and project documentation and change control procedures.
2 days
This course enables participants to use vision to inspire and influence people to achieve business results. It also introduces a number of models that can be used to define strategy and highlights various approaches to business challenges.

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